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What is Oklahoma RoboticsMost things have a beginning. Well, if one considers the vast expanse of the nonexistent, assuming it does not exist in some alternate dimension, there are many things that never had a beginning. But, this all hinges on the definition of “thing” which may well intrinsically require existence. The act of bringing a “thing” into existence, unfortunately for us mortals, rarely is just a simple “act.” We struggle to define the “thing” we want to create. We arduously prowl through the archives of human accomplishment in search of those foundational concepts upon which to build our new “thing.” We fight with parts and prototypes, striving to arrive at the performance defined in the beginning. We are tempted to redefine success as “what we have right now.” But, we are never satisfied with the present state. We want perfection. We want existence. We want to create. This insatiable desire to create is coded into our DNA. We cannot leave well enough alone. We will never be satisfied with mere conformity. We are builders, makers, inventors. We build because we were built to build.

Oklahoma Robotics was started as a way to practically realize this drive to create. We make it our business to birth these brainchildren that so many are content to coddle in their imaginations alone. We want flesh and blood (so to speak) robots, real autonomous mowers that keep our yards maintained, useful automation that simplifies our daily lives, electric cars made by the people and for the people of the U.S.A., we want alternative energy without the politics, we want freedom for American engineers, freedom to invent, manufacture, and market innovative products. Oklahoma Robotics salutes the Hacker/Maker community,  the Open Source community, and anyone else bold enough to leave the “system” behind and forge ahead into the unknown realms of technological possibility. We believe in openness and sharing. We acknowledge the millions of scientists who through the thousands of years of human history have recorded and reported their countless findings for us to build upon. As we continue to share our discoveries, our knowledge, our source code, and our passion for perfection with the world around us, we carry on the legacy of those before us.

In the months and years to come I hope this blog proves to be source of both profound design information and inspiration for those looking to create something new.

Sam Coon