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Your Experts in Practical Robotics, Automation, and Engineering Solutions

Oklahoma Robotics is an engineering team that will develop mechanical, robotics, electronic, software, and automation solutions – for manufacturers, integration, and r&d. We specialize in circuit board design, automation systems, embedded development, firmware and IOT system design.

Oklahoma Robotics also offers emergency repair for robotic, electronic, and mechanical systems.

Consultation Services:

  • Product Development
  • Electronic & Circuitry Design
  • Mechanical Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Engineering

Skilled Services:

  • CAD
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Electrical Design & Engineering
  • Prototype Development & Design
  • Software Development & Design

Mechanical Applications

Our customers come to us with a mechanical or hardware idea that would improve their business operations. Other times the idea is to build a device that ultimately will be taken to market.

Software Integration

As we gravitate more to an internet of things, software needs to be integrated into physical solutions and vice versa. We understand this symbiosis and work to seamlessly put the two together.

Production Ready

Many times there is a level of production required for any idea that has gone through mechanical and software development. We work with manufacturers to take the prototype of your idea through the production stages.

Prepared for Launch

Whether your idea is to improve a business process or to sell in market, we provide support all the way to and after launch with technical support and maintenance.

Introducing Oklahoma Robotics

Nathan Parrow, CEO of Oklahoma Robotics, talks about how he has never known a day when he was not making something and how that set the foundation for his company.

Oklahoma Robotics is an engineering and design firm serving entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for product and manufacturing design, prototyping, and development.

Oklahoma Roots with National Reach

Our home base is in Oklahoma City, a hidden gem in the world of tech.  However we have and continue to work with companies across the US and frequently work with Texas based companies, schools, and universities.

No matter where you are, call us for turnkey robotic and automation solutions.

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